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perfect pen

great mechanism even smoother in version 2 . love this pen

An amazing investment!

I've always wanted a high quality pen to work around my busy day-to-day schedule work. It looks great during business meetings and is durable during any tough heavy work and doesn't get too beaten up. One thing I would've like was the engraving to fill the whole pen clip and be a bit deeper as if you aren't looking for it, you won't see it.

Another slight issue is the pen doesn't really work as well when you want to click the bolt action on and off (One-Handed), and at times it requires enough force that I end up twisting the pen to open it from the groves, I wished it wasn't as smooth as it is for when you lock the pen into it's groves so it would work better for One-Handed use.

Beyond those two small hiccups, the pen is amazing! All my co-workers want their own, so don't be surprised to see a few more pens being purchased in the foreseeable future

No.2 Mechanical Pen - Chrome
Giovanni Quaglieri
well received as gift

well received as gift

No.2 Mechanical Pen - Onyx
R Polett
Beautiful pen!

I purchased my pen originally through the Kickstarter campaign. The pen I received was quite beautiful but the mechanism didn’t function as smoothly as it should and sometimes would not lock-in with the nib extended. I put it away for some months as life took over and kind of forgot about it. When I finally got around to contacting the Inventery team my pen was replaced immediately. The replacement is absolutely flawless and just a pleasure to use. I can say that it is superior to some pens I have that are better known and certainly more expensive. Customer service is as good as it gets, the product is beautiful ....what more can you ask!

Pocket FP + Extender - Onyx
Mckenna Bailey

Pocket FP + Extender - Onyx

Pocket FP + Extender - Brass

This pen was personalized and gifted to me for Christmas. One of the most thoughtful gifts I have received and I get a ton of compliments on it during business meetings and at work. I had a slight issue that was immediately rectified by Jeff. The quality of this instrument was matched by superb customer service. I highly recommend!

Great EDC just fix the top cap and pocket clip

This has been my EDC pen for over 6 months now. I absolutely love the pen itself! It has a wonderful weight and feels amazing in my hand! the cartridge itself was great for a short period of time but I found that after some time the schmidt cartridge would skip. I have since switched to the Parker Quinkflow and the Uni-ball SXR-600. The paint on the pen chipped away pretty early on but I kind of enjoy the look of the brass with paint chips on it. My largest complaint was how incredibly difficult it was to remove the top cap and pocket clip. While I like the ability to remove the pocket clip I was pretty disappointed with how difficult it was to remove the cap. The top cap and clip appears to made of aluminum which is disappointing as well and probably the cause of the issue regarding removing the cap. Aluminum and brass together cause corrosion and are not compatible metals. I dont mind the clip being aluminum but the top cap being aluminum is rather unattractive as the paint chips away! Originally the description of the pen stated that the cap was made of brass but, it appears that statement has been removed from the description. I emailed the company regarding this issue but never received a reply which is kind of disappointing. I hope that this issue is rectified as I'd like to buy the pencil but, I'd like for this issue to be fixed first.

TL;DR: One star was removed for the quality/selection of cartridges available at purchase. Another star was removed for the material of the top cap/pocket clip and difficulty of removing it.

No.2 Mechanical Pen - Onyx
kristen Lawrence

Good quality

Pocket FP + Extender - Onyx
Simon Joha
Great pen

Great service, after i damaged a part of my pen. Pen feels very nice

Pocket Twist Pen - Tortoise
Nicholas GOLD
writing with a twist

With a tortoiseshell acrylic that gives a nod to the past, and the twist, parachord and bead bringing us back to the future, this is a perfect pocket pen that keeps reminding us how much fun it is to write!

Pocket Twist Pen - Onyx
Dr. Laura Szalacha
Never fails

I have several fountain pens from Inventery~they are all awesome. The pocket twist pen is of the same cutting design and quality materials. I love it.

Pocket FP + Extender - Chrome
Perfect as always

Another beautiful pen from my favorite pen company!

Pocket Twist Pen - Tortoise
Dave Gostenhofer
Great EDC

Looks slick, fits in your pocket perfectly, writes great. 5 stars!

Leather Pen Pouch
Bonnie Greene
I LOVE it!

I'm a fountain pen aficionado, and have been searching high and low for the perfect carry case for my beloved pens -- and this is it! I love the leather, and it's beautifully constructed. Two fountain pens fit snugly in the inside bands. It's my favorite gift of the year to myself.

Pocket Twist Pen - Brushed Chrome
Robert surls
Not what I expected but still a 5 star

I guess I didnt read the description correctly even though there was a picture!! The pen is alittle short so I stead of an everyday carry It perfectly fits in my daily notation portfolio. The quality and writing are as expected excellent. I guess I'll have to buy another writing instrument for daily use.

No.2 Mechanical Pen - Onyx
Tyler Whitty

No.2 Mechanical Pen - Onyx

Pocket FP + Extender - Brass
Tim Ihde

Excellent pocket pen. I tried out the rollerball tip option with some of my favorite fountain pen inks, and I like it so much that I haven't reinstalled the nib yet. All the configurations included have my head spinning. BTW while some brass pens are incredibly heavy this one works because they've kept the girth down. Also kudos to the customer support, I had an issue at first that they took care of immediately.

No.2 Mechanical Pen - S - Onyx

Great quality. My daily scriber!

Pocket FP + Extender - Chrome
Great pen!

Really impressed by the quality and design of this pen. For the price this can't be beat!

Leather Passport Sleeve
Stunning products as always

The only reason this is a four-star review is that you should be able to select the color of hardware. The type of people that appreciate the artistry of the products that Inventery offers, are going to want things to match. I like the chrome pens so I want chrome hardware (not gold). Otherwise, great products as always.

Pocket FP + Extender - Onyx
Adam Schwebel
My Favorite Purchase in the Last Year

It writes beautifully, is extremely versatile and is weighted perfectly. An amazing writing instrument.

Pen Sleeve - L
Liqun Bi

Pen Sleeve - L

Mechanical Pen - Chrome
Chris Schilling
Great pen!

I appreciate the craftsmanship, weight, and finish.

Bolt action L onyx

Fantastic pen. It feels like professional tool for writing and sketching that will last a lifetime. In future I would like to see maybe some kind of machined grip on pen, but without that pen is already perfect.

Bolt Action Pen - L - Onyx