Refill Guide for INVENTERY Pens

It's a lifetime obsession with pens and their parts that we've distilled down to our favorites. From the practical to the luxurious, we’ve incorporated these refills into the mechanisms and writing styles of our pens so that there's something for everybody (the starter enthusiast looking to get immersed in the world of fine writing instruments included).

One goes far when armed with a proper writing apparatus. A fine pen is a display of mind, an indulgence of the intellect, and a shared tool across different disciplines and occupations. But the right refill is key.


Schmidt P900 (M) Ballpoint

The Schmidt 900 easy flow refill is the classic ballpoint, versatile under all conditions, standard like your throwaway Bic. The oil base ink is fast drying and doesn’t bleed. It’s smooth, and never skips — it’s one of the most reliable systems that's capable of writing on a wide range of surfaces and paper types.

If you’re looking for a lasting refill that will keep on writing long after you’ve forgotten it in a drawer, the oil based ink ensures that it’ll be years before it dries out.

This refill is versatile in line quality and pressure control, and capable of both hard and soft lines. For the fast and reckless, perfect for jotting down quick ideas as well as long spurts of writing.

Available for the Bolt Action Pen - M, and the Mechanical Pen.


Schmidt P8126 Rollerball Refill (Liquid Ink)

The Schmidt P8126 refill comes in a class of its own. A favorite among the pen community for its uniquely crisp and dark line quality, the rollerball signs with a mighty heft.

Similar to the classic ballpoint, it’s composed of an internal ball mechanism that rolls ink on paper. But unlike the oil based ink in ballpoint pens, this refill's liquid ink makes for a superior lubricant for the ball, creating a more seamless writing experience.

It’s got unparalleled ink flow, writes smooth, and leaves a trail of jet black ink with hardly any pressure. The writing experience is close to writing with a fountain pen, but without the excess.

A little bit of the luxury experience for everyday practical use, a taste of ink in it’s traditional liquid form. The P8126 is the finest in it’s calibre — a fine foray into the world of writing instruments.

 Available for the Bolt Action Pen - M, Mechanical Pen

Schmidt D1 MINE 635 (Ballpoint)

Measuring at 6.75cm / 2.625”, the D1 refill is catered for those who seek the compact. The Schmidt MINE 635 is yet another classic ballpoint tip, custom fit for pocket pens.

The refill features an all-metal ink chamber, long with a streamlined construction. It clips into a 2cm solid brass grip to load in the pen barrel. Paired with our Bolt Action Pen - S, it makes an ideal short-grip pen for the everyday jotter.

Like all ballpoint tips, the MINE 635 writes smooth with a medium darkness. It’s versatile under all conditions, built for durability with a very long shelf-life.

Available for the Bolt Action Pen - S


Pilot G2 Gel Ink

One of the most widely accessible refills, guaranteed stocked in your local stationery shop. This is the refill for the Pilot G2 pen, a universally tried and tested writer — now available with our Bolt Action Pen - L.

Do not be mistaken by it’s commonality, this humble gel ink refill earns its place as a favorite among the masses. Unlike many of the European brand refills, the Pilot G2 comes in a variety of thicknesses, 0.3, 0.5, and 0.7. The gel ink writes with an unparalleled precision, suitable for the most intricate drawings and meticulous writers.

It writes with strong blacks and produces razor thin lines, combined with its fast drying gel ink, this refill is suitable for the detailed oriented, for the excessive note-taker, and for the those valuing surgical precision over speed and flow.

Available for the Bolt Action Pen - L


Schmidt FineLiner 6040 M (Felt Tip)

Popular among artists, illustrators and designers, this style of refill caters to the bold and the creative. An unusual choice for the ordinary writer, the felt tip Schmidt FineLiner 6040 fills a specialty need.

It’s got a pen point made of tightly packed felt that produces a marker-like thickness, ideal for sketching thumbnails, icons, logos, and wireframes.

For those involved in communicating ideas and concepts on a regular basis, from flow charts to user-flows, storyboards to wireframes, the FineLiner guarantees maximum visibility and thickness for an assertive clarity to your ideas. Few other pen tips can match it’s ability to draw solids, planes, and lines.

Pen sleeve recommended.
Available for the Bolt Action Pen - L

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